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Video | Career Options in Fintech & Legaltech

Updated: Jul 4, 2021

Our speakers, Jenna Huey Ching and Melissa Lim Shi Hui spoke about their personal experiences in the #fintech and #legaltech industries in #Malaysia. They gave us insight into their respective #career paths and how they had diverged despite both of them starting off as #pupils in #legal firms. We learned a lot about the current status of fintech and legaltech in Malaysia and even heard comparisons of how these areas had developed and advanced overseas, particularly legaltech which is only still just budding in Malaysia. Jenna and Melissa also generously shared useful and #practicaltips on how anyone could obtain the desired #skills and market themselves for positions, #jobs, and to clients in these fields. After listening to them, there is little doubt that fintech and legaltech are areas that will be developing quickly in the next decade.

If you missed the webinar, you may still watch its recording on AWL’s Youtube Channel here.


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