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A Guide to Basic Design for Social Media

This event was conducted on 23 June 2021 by Abigail Nimbalker and Sheena Gurbakhash who talked about some essential design elements including:

‣ Identifying the audience for an infographic ‣ Defining the message ‣ Verifying facts and figures and sources ‣ How to write with clarity ‣ Identifying message formats and platforms ‣ Structuring a message ‣ Use of colour ‣ Use of images

Participants then broke into two breakout rooms to experience what it would be like to create an infographic based on the Finkbeiner Test.

Based on feedback from the session, we will organise a more focused session on how to use Canva so more of us can understand the details of how the platform works and what we can use it for.


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