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Welcome to Our Home

The Association of Women Lawyers (AWL) is responsible for the promotion of the rights, welfare & professional development of women lawyers & law graduates in Malaysia.

Our focus is to eliminate discrimination & ensure the full & equal participation of women lawyers & law graduates in the legal arena & related industries.

We aim to ensure the attainment & full enjoyment of all rights for women from all walks of like based on principles of substantive equality.

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  • To promote and enhance participation of women in all levels of judicial, legal & public institutions.

  • ​To provide education, gender sensitisation & awareness in the legal arena & related industries.

  • To monitor laws, legislation, policies & practice directions & to advocate for reforms that promote equality & eradicate all forms of discrimination against women.

  • To promote the adoption & implementation of international human rights standards, principles & norms to all women in Malaysia.

  • To collaborate nationally, regionally & internationally with groups that share similar aims & objectives.

  • To liaise with other Women Lawyers Groups at national, regional & international levels.

  • To provide a professional & social network for women lawyers and law graduates in Malaysia.

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AWL Exco 2023/2023


Daniella Zulkifili

Vice President:

Jasmine Wong Kah Man


Sheelaa Ragavan

Assistant Secretary

Abigail Nimbalker


Denise Lim

Assistant Treasurer

Cindy Low

Committee Members:

Meera Samanther
Fione Bodipalar
Santhi Latha

Co-opted Committee Members:         

Sheena Gurbakhash

Datuk Khaw Lake Tee
Zainurazira Zainal Abidin

Eleanor Roosevelt

"A woman is like a tea-bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water"

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